Helena McBride

is a complete and total saviour.

Email: helena@thespacemaker.co.uk

 Phone: 07798 702041


Moving from a home that you have lived in for 30 years is a daunting experience for anyone! Doing the task on your own all the more so!  Having someone who can be trusted to guide you and help you make those difficult decisions was precisely what I needed to kick start the process.

I will be forever thankful for Helena’s encouragement, support and clear thinking when needed it. Her ability to understand why it is emotional but to help you get out of the bottom of the well and to get through what is needed to be done was crucial to the success of the project.


YA, Bucks

Helena is a natural-born organiser. She sees order in chaos and helps her clients do the same. What appears to be overwhelming before she arrives suddenly becomes manageable with her at your side.

She helped me streamline (and get rid of) personal items before an international move at a very stressful time in my life. Her involvement made me focus on what was really important to keep. She even packed a few suitcases to maximise space.

As a person, an organiser, a declutterer and a calming influence, I cannot recommend her highly enough.  If you are ever overwhelmed by stuff, or just want to sort out your possessions, she’s the one to turn to, unquestionably. She can even help find new, appropriate homes for your unwanted goods as part of the process!

Gina B

Sydney, Australia

Helena McBride is a complete and total saviour.

If, like me, you make piles of everything you need to tidy and sort and then just put it away again… you need Helena.

She will help you make a decision, indeed force you to make a decision, but in the nicest possible way. Then you suddenly find clear cupboards, orderly shelves, space and order and light.

There is no memory of the items that you thought you loved but which are now recycled, sold or given to charity. Now you love the new space you have, and the ease with which you can find things!  Magic! You won’t look back.

I am a really tough case and Helena has worked miracles. She is a total superstar and is a delight to work with. Get her help and it will totally transform your attitude to your space.

But don’t tell too many people as she is unique and we need to keep her as a secret!

Claire D

Sonning Common, Oxon

If the fact that you have at least ten cupboards that need clearing makes you anxious, but you are unable to act, then help is at hand.

Helena is a motivational whirlwind, slicing through the clutter that you thought you wanted and needed and bringing you back to a simple, streamlined life.

The experience is utterly painless and the sense of relief is huge that at last cupboard doors can be opened without revealing the jumble sale within.

Helena’s best word is “really?” when faced with something you thought you needed, and then it is gone and forgotten.

I almost don’t want to talk about her in case she no longer has time for me.

Trust me, she will lighten your load, bring serenity and simplicity – and what remains of any disorder will be put into new, beautiful surroundings containing only that which you need, organised where you can find what you seek. How nice is that!

Penny H

Kidmore End, Oxfordshire

Jessie J, Reading

Helena is friendly, enthusiastic and motivated.  I watched as my overstuffed cupboards were transformed in just 3 hours from dumping grounds into neatly organised spaces where everything I needed was easily accessible.

Now I keep opening the cupboards just to admire how neat they look! Thank you Helena!

Anneliese R, Tring Hertfordshire

After a nasty fall where I was hospitalised for some time, Helena came to help me transfer from my house to a care facility.

She has dealt with every aspect of my transition with integrity, sympathy and efficiency, making the next phase in my life so much easier than it could have been.

I simply don’t know what I would have done without her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody that needs help like

Chris W, Auckland, New Zealand

Helena came over to NZ on holiday and stayed at my house. She offered to help me arrange my substantial linen room as a thank you.

Even with jetlag she couldn’t be prevented from working to make my life oh so much more pleasant by sorting, tidying and eliminating all the stuff I’d had piled up for years and never used.

Thanks Helena, you’ve no idea how satisfying it is for me to look at neat rows of sorted linen once again.

Vicki C, Woodcote, Oxfordshire

Having Helena over for a couple of hours was amazing.

I didn’t think we would get much done in that time, it seemed such a huge task! However, Helena had lots of manageable ideas which really worked and could be maintained day to day.

I now enjoy opening cupboard doors! It also inspired me to get on and sort out other rooms.

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