“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

The Space Maker founder, Helena McBride, spent her early career working in some of the most exclusive hotels in the UK, managing marketing and events for US-based IT companies, being a PA to managing directors in clinical research and running her own business in publishing. She has spent the last 14 years raising a family while organising local festivals, taking on the role of chair of governors at the pre-school and then primary school, acting as attorney for an elderly client and running her own home-based businesses: one of which is The Space Maker.

Somewhere along the lines, she discovered that she has a particular talent for decluttering and organisation.

‘I know exactly how cathartic and liberating a clean-up can be, but I am also fully aware of what a change a large tidy-up brings. I have often dealt with traumatic situations such as bereavement or stress-related issues, so I always deal with them sensitively. I encourage people to eliminate useless clutter, but only in a way that helps them to be a better, more free, more organised version of themselves.’

She asked good questions and listened to how I needed to use things and any quirky likes or dislikes I had without judgement.

NL-T, Oxfordshire

The experience is utterly painless and the sense of relief is huge.

PH, Kidmore End, Oxfordshire

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