professional organising and decluttering

We all have too much ‘stuff’, which is why it’s sometimes good to arrange professional organising and decluttering. 

At home and in the office, we can end up cluttering our lives to the point of being overwhelmed.

It’s hard to know where to begin but, together, we can find a place to start and make some space; giving you room to breathe, clearing your mind and saving you time. Whether your items need sorting, storing, or disposing of, with a little help from The Space Maker a whole new world awaits: a place with space for a new, more efficient, more productive, more organised you.

Helena, The Space Maker, thoroughly enjoys her role in professional organising and decluttering.  She uses a calm, logical method to show you how to overcome those obstacles and barriers so you can reach your happy place.

You may have a particular room that needs clearing, a pile of paperwork that needs organising, a problem space under the bed or even under the stairs. To think big, you need to start small, even just organising the sock drawer helps!

Why Work with The Space Maker? 


  • Every part of your home or office can be cleared to make more space: loft, cellar, shed or garage included.
  • We suggest suitable storage solutions, improvising by using what you have in the meantime.
  • Confidentiality is paramount, your home is our best kept secret.
  • Sensitivity is our goal. Some of the things we keep may hold no practical purpose and we will never force or bully you in to getting rid of something you hold dear.

Moving House/Downsizing

  • Don’t tackle such a huge job on your own.
  • Don’t pay removal men to move things you don’t even need or want – sort your ‘stuff’ before you move.
  • We can help you plan what furniture you have and what will fit in to your new home – big or small.
  • Let us help re-locate your furniture in your new home and help you unpack and organise in a way that will make living your life easier.

Wardrobe Sorting

  • Summer vs winter wardrobes. Old vs new clothes… and everything in between. Organise your clothes so you can see what you have, and plan accordingly.
  • We all age and change shape and as we do, what you loved wearing 10 years ago may not actually suit you now. Let us help you evaluate what you have so you can create your very best capsule wardrobe.
  • We will help you decide which clothes and shoes to keep, to sell, to take to charity, to send for repair or remodel. We can even help you find out where and how to dispose of items

Office Organisation

  • Do you need a filing system that works for you? Sort that pile of papers out and never create one again!
  • We can plan your workspace so you can be more efficient as you would like to be.


We ensure that you are not left with a mess at the end of our session. We recycle as much as possible and can arrange the distribution of any unwanted goods to charity, or advise how best to sell any unusual items. We aim to leave you with a sense of relief and peace at the end of the day.

Trust me, she will lighten your load, bring serenity and simplicity – and what remains of any disorder will be put into new, beautiful surroundings containing only that which you need, organised where you can find what you seek. How nice is that!

Penny H, Kidmore End, Oxfordshire

I am a really tough case and Helena has worked miracles. She is a total superstar and is a delight to work with. Get her help and it will totally transform your attitude to your space.

But don’t tell too many people as she is unique and we need to keep her as a secret!  

Claire D, Sonning Common, Oxfordshire